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There’s nothing like a diagnosis of autism to turn your world upside down.

We wish we could provide you with a sheet with all the answers on it. But there is no “autism prescription”. There is no road map for each parent to go by, or common timetable all families will follow.


You are never prepared for a diagnosis of autism. The challenge of daily life with a special-needs child can fill a parent with fear and anger. And when the shock of the initial diagnosis clears, what is always left is the question, “What’s next?”

The answer to this question is often coordinating ABA therapy for your child. ABA is the only treatment for autism and other special needs whose benefits have been consistently validated by independent scientific research. The research has shown that many children diagnosed with autism can learn enough with ABA to return to mainstream classrooms if they receive high quality, intensive, evidence-based interventions early enough. ABA is the most effective science-based treatment for autism. So you will want to get started right away.

TWV uses the assessment process to determine your child’s current level of functioning across a variety of areas: language, social skills, motor skills, self care skills, etc. We study your child’s interests, and problem behaviors, via observation, parent interview, testing, or a combination of all of these methods.

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